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Chapter 115

Good to see you in good health


“So you will kill them… no matter what?”

“Of course I will. The humans have destroyed one of the ecosystems. It would be unbearable if I let them loose any more than this and change the shape of the world.


I brushed aside Destroia, who stood in mine way.

I have to exterminate the humans.

The humans who have exterminated the animals I have created, by any means necessary.


“ …In that case, it cannot be helped”

“Do you understand? Then assist I. We will exterminate them without even one remaining”


It seems that Destroia finally understood I.

Even she who was touched by humans must have regained her self-awareness of a god.

That is what I thought.


“There is no longer anything aside from parting from you, my girl”


“I have to protect the humans”


By the time I noticed, I was blown away.

What happened?

Did she not understand me?



“Allow me to seal you! Creasyl!”



For the first time in mine life, I felt the emotion called anger.



“So it is over…”



The gate began to vanish.

Destroia got close to Setsu’s side and watched it.


“ …Creasyl was a genuine stubborn one among us gods”


Respected the rules and constantly maintained her self-awareness that she was a god.

Considered following orders and moving according to that to be the most important.

That was the god of creation called Creasyl.


“That is why she could not forgive the irregulars called humans and disavowed them all. Who was originally correct was… that woman”

“ … Humans too didn’t want to be killed from unintentional trespassing you know. The one who’s right is you. We would’ve died if you weren’t here”

“I am glad that I…  was able to protect you”


Destroia smiled.

Her heart was somewhat saved too it seems.


“Come to think of it, what about Yuuhi and the others?”

“Aah, I had them escape. They should be leaving this island soon”

“Thanks for the help”

“You’re quite yearned for, a――――ren’t… you”

“? What’s wrong?”


Destroia’s face turned pale.

Nervously, Setsu’s face also turned towards the direction Destroia was looking at.


“… hey, what the hell”


There stood Hell Gate towering over the surroundings.

It was genuinely the same thing that Setsu had opened before.

Without the chimes resounding, the gate began to open by itself.


“――――cannot… die”

“The hell is going on here”


There was a figure of a person trying to forcibly open the gate.

Creasyl, she was trying to open the gates from the inside.


“It did not completely close I suppose…”


Destroia muttered.

Setsu lamented his own blunder.

In order to quickly close it, he gave the command to the gate.



“It’s not closing…”



The gate would not accept his command.


“Is it because it isn’t the gate that I made to appear?”


This gate was a gate that Creasyl tried to wrench open from the inside.

As a result of the gate being made to appear forcibly in doing so, it was unconcerned to Setsu’s wishes.

In other words, Setsu’s instructions would not reach this gate.


“This world… into the ideal… world…!”


“Hey Stroh”


Destroia walked towards the gate.

Without responding to Setsu’s voice, she stopped before Creasyl.


“Quite absurd force of will have you not? Creasyl”

“Des… troia…!”

“Just how obsessed are you, to come crawling from the next world? I am honestly in admiration”


Destroia smiled at Creasyl.

Creasyl scowled at her, full of hatred.


“Stroh, it’s dangerous there”

“Setsu… I, had planned from the start to die after killing Creasyl”



Setsu caught his breath.

Creasyl showed a shocked face.


“It was a closely guarded secret, but this is enough already. I shall impart you, the reason humans were born.


After collecting herself for a while, Destroia opened her mouth.


“Humans were not born by chance. ――――A god brought them forth”



A certain god was brimming with curiosity.

They brought forth various creatures and concepts, let them loose and watched the course of events.

That was that god’s reason for living.


On a certain day, the creatures that were allowed to develop for a long time, finally gave birth under this god’s guidance.


Their name was called ‘Human.’


This god made plans to send their masterwork that was the ‘humans’ to various worlds and watched over their growth.

One of the worlds they had an eye on was the world that was made by the god of creation and god of destruction, called <Eclair>.


The first they approached for a discussion was the god of destruction.

The god of destruction rejected it at first.

It was because she had heard that ‘humans’ did not know how to develop and would cause irregularities.


The god of creation, who she built the world together with, would hate that above all else.


She rejected, saying that she would likely not accept it.


The worst coincidence that occurred here was that this god who made the ‘humans’ was the supreme god in the <Heaven> where gods resided.


Being ordered by the supreme god, the god of destruction ended up accepting them reluctantly.

However, if they tried to propose it to the god of creation, then she would have tried to oppose immediately.

The god of creation would flare up, even if the other party was the supreme god for example.


In front of the supreme god was the god of destruction, god of creation are like babies.

The god of destruction did not want to see the god of creation gradually disappearing.


For that sake, they decided on a course of action where she would not inform the god of creation of their act of releasing the humans to the world.

They decided that they would be the result of chance.


The results; even if they were the result of chance, the god of creation did not approve of them.


The god of creation tried to exterminate the ‘humans’ that were the experiments of the supreme god.

If they end up being exterminated, then the god of creation would provoke the wrath of the supreme god.

Nevertheless, even if she were to tell the truth, the god of creation would just flare up at the supreme god.

Either path would lead to the god of destruction losing her important friend.


And, above all, the god of destruction had taken a liking to the humans.


After much agonizing, the god of destruction decided to seal the god of creation.



“These are the details of the matter”

“That is… how is that related to your reason to die?”

“She had been opposing this much. The supreme god too have noticed the circumstances of this world. Likely, Creasyl would be dealt with before long”


The surroundings sank into silence.


“ … That the matter until now had become big was due to my willfulness. I thought I might as well take responsibility along with Creasyl”

“――――Do not jest! Saying you would die with me for such matters…”

“We are companions. That is plenty enough a reason”


Destroia put her hands on Creasyl’s shoulders.




When Setsu tried to give command to the gate to close somehow, he suddenly crumbled down.


(Ten minutes…! I’m out of time!)


The highlights returned to Setsu’s eyes.

At the same time he lost his divinity and returned to a body close to human.

He would not be able to control the gate this way.


“Stroh! Stop it!”

“Now, let us go, Creasyl”



Destroa tenderly pushed Creasyl’s shoulders.

Little by little, the two entered the gate.


“Thank you, Setsu. The everyday lives with you, my boy, was… well, not bad!”



The two completely entered the gate.

The gate began to close, as if satisfied that its target had returned and furthermore an extra had entered.


And then the gate completely clos――――





Suddenly, along with a thunderous roar, the door opened.

At the same time, Creasyl and Destroia was thrown outside.

As Setsu was amazed at the spectacle, a figure appeared from inside the opened gate.


“Don’t speed up your death, you idiots. This gate isn’t made for repentance, you know?”


Setsu remembered that figure.

Or rather, he could not mistake her.



“Yo, stupid son. Good to see you in good health”


It was Setsu’s mother, the god of death, Death herself.

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