Retired Hero Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

The Hero Shares


“Eleira, why are you at a place like this as soon as you left the port?

“There is a profound reason for this!”

“I suppose so. Now, if you don’t tell me the reason why you are together with him, then I will have to burn the both of you”



Of course he would notice. He is a man who has been practicing magic for several dozens of years, or even several hundreds of years if I’m unlucky.

No matter how I hide my magic power, he could tell by the aura.


“All of you who are standing around, return to inspection. I forbid entering this place until we disperse”

“Sir, yes sir!”


The soldiers who were in the room, scrambled to leave.

After ordering them to leave, Gidara once again sat down on a chair.


“And so?”


“I’ll sit down quietly”


Together with Eleira, I once again sat on the chair.

I was surrounded with thoughts as to how I should talk despite feeling the unease towards the existence of Gidara, who was constantly on guard towards us.


“First, there is something I want to tell you”


“I came here not as a Hero. I left my job as a Hero after my previous fight with Isvel. As proof, the current me does not have the sacred sword”

“ …So it would seem. However, do you think I can believe the Hero who had been hostile until now so easily?”

“You can only believe in me. I have no intentions to battle”

“ …”


Deceiving Gidara with poor words will not work.

With skillful perception and reading, he would instantly see through my shallow thoughts.

For that reason, I have no choice but to tell him the truth as is.


“――It appears that you are not lying. That you truly have no hostile intentions”


“If that is so, then why did you visit this continent? Bringing along even our first unit vice captain”


When I tried to reply to that, Eleira opened her mouth and interrupted me.


“There is a misunderstanding, I was not brought here by the Hero, I brought the Hero here”


“If you want to know why, it is because I want to report my parents of making the Hero my hus――”

“Enough about that already!”


I covered Eleira’s mouth with my hand.

“Mmhmmh” She was saying something, but I don’t want her to make the conversation any more complicated.


“What, so it was a lie?”

“Please don’t believe even a single inch of it. That was our means to enter the castle town without troubles”

“If that was your means of entering, then it must mean that you have a proper reason for this, don’t you?”

“Of course I do――”


After that, I told him everything that has happened until now. 

That I met Isvel as soon as I quit as a Hero and tried to retire. 

That Phantom and Eleira came to bring her back. 

That they requested my cooperation. 

And then, that I accepted it. 


“――I see, Phantom did” 

“I’ve also heard that the guy called Sadore was trying to do something not good to this country. So I’m in this country to help stop that guy”

“I understand the situation. But why would you? Though former, you were a Hero, so why are you assisting the demon lord?”

“ … It’s because we understood each other”


Though our points of view are different, Heroes and Demon lords are two sides of the same coin.

They were farthest from each other, and at the same time the closest.

That made me feel a strange sense of closeness.

And above all, we share the same feelings of not wanting to fight for the sake of duty anymore.


“I can’t fight for the sake of the masses anymore. But, if it is for Isvel’s sake, then I can fight. If it is for her sake, I can still swing my sword”

“… You are an odd human”


Gidara sighed like he was amazed.

And then after taking a pondering-like movement for a while, he finally raised his head.


“Alright. I will believe you out of consideration of milady demon lord and the two of the first unit. Former Hero Adel”

“Yes, thanks”

“Surely, to think that the day would come that I would be thanked by you… If that would be the case, then I’d like to formally request your assistance to milady demon lord. If your assistance can be obtained, then our side’s military strength will skyrocket at once”

“That was what I had in mind from the start. It is me who should say please let me help”


Gidara grasped the hand that I held out.

And at the same time I gradually let out my choked up breath.

After all is said and done, I was quite nervous.

I was relieved from the bottom of my heart that the conversation moved towards a good direction like this.


“Pardon me when you are getting excited. You have not forgotten about me, did you?”



Eleira, who broke free from my hand before I knew it, was staring at us with cold eyes.

She was not in a mood where I could say I forgot, no matter what――.


“So, what do you intend to do?”

“First I intend to go to the castle and join Isvel’s group. I can help out if it becomes a battle, but I may end up taking the situation to a bad direction if I move arbitrarily after all”

“Indeed. Then we will head to the demon lord castle like this”


Having pacified Eleira, we walked in the castle town.

While her mood did not improve, the still sulky Eleira came along with us.


“So there were some strange movements from Sadore”

“How long are you going to stay sullen…Well, it is fine. Sadore had made a declaration of war when Isvel disembarked at the harbor. He certainly must be intent to oppose us”

“That’s quite bold of him”

“Yes, too bold. He should not be able to provoke us this far if he had not devised the means to win against us with certainty”


Means to win, huh――

When Phantom spoke in full details, I heard that Sadore had begun to bring in human forces.

I don’t know what those human forces are, but he must have brought in strong enough forces to appear like he could defeat the demon lord with his position of second unit commander.

A human organization that would lend help to the demons――Red’s face came to mind just for a bit.

If the rainbow association is helping out Sadore, then I can somewhat understand that confidence, but… It would be the worst if that were the case.


“Since we do not know what the other side has, we cannot move thoughtlessly… After all, even if we try to crush them from the front, it would be no use if there are no enemies in the front”

“… That’s correct”

“If at the very least the captains of the other units return――gh!”



The three of us immediately put ourselves on guard midway Gidara’s words.

What we felt was thirst for blood.

Eleira and I unsheathed our respective swords, and Gidara made a staff appear in his hands from out of nowhere and was on watch.


“Above us I suppose”



When I looked up, three figures dropped down towards us.

There were three people deeply wearing a hood.

Each of them equipped with nails-like weapons made of iron, they swung them down to us without hesitation.

The instant I stopped it, impact ran together with a high-pitched metallic clank, and the stone under my feet cracked somewhat.

It was a heavy blow, but it’s overwhelmingly lighter than Eleira’s blows.



“Is this a fight!?”

“Sir Gidara and Lady Eleira is here!”


Suddenly out of nowhere, screams broke out.

To come attacking us in broad daylight like this, how confident is that Sadore guy?


“We will take some distance for a moment!”




We forced back each of our enemies and at the same time took distance while looking out for them.

In doing so, the hoods of the three that attacked came off and their faces were made public.


“――W-! What is going on…?”

“I can’t believe this… We’re supposed to have defeated him just some time ago”


Who was there was Onette who Eleira should’ve defeated some time ago.

Though a doll, it was astonishing that the enemies that should have been defeated are here.

However, what was even more astonishing is the fact that there were――three of them in a row.

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