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Chapter 109

Are you human?


“――――I am surprised”


Creasyl appeared from inside the fumes that sprung forth by the black flames.

Her clothes were scorched in several places, and her cheeks and fingers were a little burned.


Those held meaning, in that Yuuhi’s attack was effective on Creasyl.


“To think that a human could injure I… You, are you a mixed one?”

“Shut up!”

“ … Those called humans appear to turn deaf ears to I”


Yuuhi spread out ten-odd flame spheres and fired them towards Creasyl.

Creasyl defended by creating a wide barrier before her eyes.


“Creasyl… refused to take the attack?”


Glain watched that scene while being astonished.

Creasyl possessed a completely slash-proof body that was beyond human intellect.

Yuuhi was about to reach that Creasyl.


“We are here now -desu”

“This is… what is this situation?”

“Judging from appearances, that girl looks to be challenging the god on a one on one, but――――Geeze, go walk by yourself already”

“I, I can hardly move anymore! I would’ve walked if I could!”

“You’re so hopeless…”

“Everyone! So you were all safe’


The whole group who went to destroy the locks to the barrier had returned.

Kouma was walking while borrowing Touma’s shoulder, and one could perceive a fatigued expression, but he seems to be safe.

Glain was relieved for the time being.


“Right now, Yuuhi is pinning down Creasyl. The only one who currently could cause damage to Creasyl is Yuuhi”

“Glain, even you can’t?”

“Sadly, I was completely brushed off with one hand”

“Yuup… Then it should be impossible for me too. I could do small attacks at long distance, but it’s probably meaningless too so”


Touma wracked his brains, but there was only one conclusion he reached.


“――――We’re going to go around to support her after all. Kind of like putting in some help when it looks like that woman’s losing”

“ … That’s reasonable”

“Damnit…  So we can’t do anything?”

“Roa, you can’t move”


Roa’s hand had practically turned into charred remains on the outside.

It could only get healed little by little, even when combining Elka’s recovery magic and Tia’s magic power.


(This much power… how did that woman fire those? It doesn’t look like stuff you can shoot at no risk though…)


Touma looked at Yuuhi fighting with black flames and analysed her calmly.

The flame’s intensity clearly surpassed human intellect.

It was identical to Creasyl’s body.

However, he could still perceive magic power from Yuuhi’s body.

That was proof that Yuuhi was still human.


(There’s no way that she could pull off that kind of trick in a human body… Well, I don’t care if that woman dies, but if she’s going to break down, I’d like her to do so after she kills Creasyl)



Creasyl caught the black flames head-on and noticed that her body was pushed back.


“Are you bringing me to the ground…”


By being attacked from higher up in the sky, Creasyl was pushed towards the ground.

Having grown impatient with Yuuhi not running out of breath and brushed away the flames by strongly swinging her arm.

A gust of wind devastated her surroundings.

It reaches even Yuuhi; pebbles and wreckages that were rolled up by the wind attacked her.


“You’re irritating!”


Yuuhi scorched those with black flames before it reached her.

When the wind settled down, Creasyl was no longer to be seen below her.



“Do not rise above me. You insect”



Yuuhi responded to the voice by turning her head and as soon as she did, her vision turned dark.


“Fall to the ground”



A feeling of pressure where something pressed down her whole body.

Yuuhi dropped to the ground without being given the time to breathe.


“Go sleep there. I shall permit you to make this your gravestone”


Creasyl said as she put her feet on a gigantic pillar she had created.

Yuuhi appeared to have been flattened by this pillar.


“Mankind opposing a god itself is madness. It would do well for all mankind to etch this into their minds. I am a God, the one who rules all”


With both arms spread, Creasyl looked up to the sky.

Far below such woman.

At the space between the ground and the pillar, black flames overflowed.


“I’ll kill you…”



It was a slightly weak voice.

However, Creasyl caught her words by chance.

She looked down immediately.


“I’ll kill you!”

“What did you say?”


The flames climbed up the pillar.

Creasyl floated in midair and separated herself from the pillar.

The pillar was instantly wrapped in flames the tip of the flames that Creasyl slightly failed to dodge had scorched her foot.


“Gh… It … felt hot to me?”


Creasyl looked at her slightly burnt foot, feeling somewhat disturbed.

The gigantic pillar, whose material was like marble of the Earth, was blazing thunderously even now.

Eventually it was destroyed on the inside by the black flames and, unable to maintain its shape, it crumbled down.

There below, Yuuhi was glaring at Creasyl.


“I will absolutely kill at least you!”

“――――That appearance… You, are you truly human?”


Yuuhi’s body was dyed half in black.

Charred remains would be a correct expression.

Inside the black were red muscles, and those turned into a light source like charcoal fire, flickering slightly.





Yuuhi noticed the fact that she lost half her body’s senses.

She was able to move but, perhaps her sense of pain and touch were paralyzed, she did not feel anything.


“It looks like there is excessive power in the bodies of men. You must be shaving away your lifespan as much as you use them”

“ … Even if I die, I will at least kill you”

“Can you not say anything else? A trifling insect”

“Shut uuuuup!”


Yuuhi let flames spout out from her feet and flew up in the air along with an explosion.

Due to literally explosively high speed, she jumped instantly right above Creasyl.


“<Black Bomb>!”



Yuuhi threw a black sphere towards Creasyl.

The instant the black sphere hit Creasyl, it rose a black explosion.

Being pushed by the impact and knocked back in mid-air, Creasyl’s expression warped in viciousness.


“This is anger… it’s been a long time since I felt anger… you insect”

“Go down already, Creasyl!”


The powers of the god of creation, and the flames of hatred of the girl.

Those will finally be witnessed directly――――

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