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Chapter 37

The Hero works them hard


“ …I wonder, how did we move from that conversation to planting produce in the field?”

“Work with some energy. If we don’t plant these guys while it’s still early, then we’ll be late in harvesting them”


Phantom, while complaining, dropped the seed of a crop on the field.

Next to him, Eleira silently planted the crops and Isvel was doing farmwork further inside.


“If we are heading to the demon lord castle from hereon, then we’ll be there for a good period of time right? That’s why we’re quickly preparing them in order to raise them in the meantime”

“And that is precisely why I want to ask you why we are assisting you though!”

“If you want us to cooperate, then this is the absolute condition!”


I shouted very loudly while creating a fence for animals in the neighborhood.


In the end we accepted going to the demon lord castle.

After that, the kids who had been gathered by Phantom’s hands safely returned to the village, and their memories that had been robbed through his preferences have completely returned to them.

To return the children who had their memories extracted to normal, it’s necessary for Phantom himself to release their memories, so he did this in order to cleverly advance that discussion as well as its immediate acceptance. 

It seems that, apart from being a combatant, I’m assuming the form of the demon lord’s escort.

However, there’s quite a distance from here to the demon lord castle.

I’ll be leaving the house for more than two weeks if we go back and forth.

It’s currently the changing point of seasons and due to the fact that I have crops that won’t grow sufficiently if I miss planting them at this point of time, I judged that it’ll be too late to plant them when we return.

Considering our departure being the day after tomorrow, I plan to finish all of the farmwork until then.


“But… to think that that demon lord and the Hero are doing farm work…”

“Do you have some complaints about that?”

“No, none at all, lady Isvel. I just thought, it is the end of the world isn’t it”

“It’s not the end! It is just the beginning!”


Isvel said, lowered her posture and earnestly planted the seeds.

――Sure, from a bystander’s perspective, it’s the end of the world.


“This farmwork could even become quite the concentration training. Did you become strong this way, Sir Hero?”

“No, I did not. I absolutely did not. I gained my strength by fighting normally, you know”

“Is that so… And I thought I understood the secrets of your strength…”


Eleira, though looking down for some reason, was matching Isvel in planting seeds.

She herself seems to understand our circumstances as well, so she quickly accepted our demands.

If we do work with the four of us, then we likely should be finished with everything tomorrow noon.

Even so, this field is made by the Hero, demon lord and her most upper echelons, huh.

Any country hearing that would be startled I guess.


“Hm, Phantom. It feels like that part is a little close. The leaves will hit during its growth process like this, so separate them a little please”

“ …Hero, wouldn’t this be more difficult than fighting if done poorly?”

“So you understand me. I also understood it when I tried it for the first time”


After this conversation, Phantom went silent from start to end.


“And so, Silvar. Please lend me a ship”

“What ‘and so’, you foolish one”


On the day of departure, I went to the city and visited Silvar’s house.

In order to go to the demon lord’s castle, a ship is needed.

However, as a result of mankind and demons currently being in the midst of a war, there were no ships bound for the continent where the demons are.

And that was when I visited Silvar who looked like would possess at least a ship.


“I do not know what circumstances led you to go to the demon continent, but if you wanted to go by any means, then you could just use transfer magic stones. You should have the funds to buy as many as you want with the remuneration of the quest from before, no?”

“I’ve visited several stores already. But they were all sold out”

“ …What?”

“It looks like any places had a buy up of the stones in these few days, not even one is left”

“Hum… How unusual”


That’s right, I thought first and foremost about using transfer magic stones as the shortest means to go to the demon lord castle.

It’s a way where we can move quite quickly if we are going to move a large distance, and it’s not an option I won’t use.


“Transfer magic stones are dealt in tens of gold coins if one is unfortunate… and you say they were bought up?”

“I got anxious and investigated it, but it looks like the very same person bought them. As you could have expected, I could not get the stores to tell me any more information though”

“Is that so… It looks like there is a need to do some investigation――hm?”


When we were having such a conversation, the door to the room was knocked on.

When Silvar gave permission to enter, the door was opened heartily and a woman entered.


“Yo, silver colors! We’re well prepared for the quest――Oh, if it isn’t Al! When did you get here?”

“Leona! Has it been a several weeks? I just got here today”


Who entered was the A rank clan’s clan master Leona.


“Would you not enter quietly for me… even though this is the king’s room”

“Well, it doesn’t matter right!? By the way, what happened to that girl?”


Said Leona, while looking around her.

As she did so, Silvar too began to mind his surroundings at that moment and moved his eyes.

Isvel was already crossing over to the demon continent together with Phantom and Eleira.

There seems to be a ship that the two came riding on, so they are heading there with that.

It wasn’t that only three people could board, but with the fact that there are others of the first elite guards searching for Isvel in this continent, I, a human, couldn’t just simply get on.

And so with that, I’m searching for a different ship.


“If you mean Vel, she’s not here today. She has some other business”

“Is that right!? I am most glad about that!”

“Don’t get in a good mood as soon as I said that, okay?”


Silvar excessively dislikes Isvel I guess.

Seeing the fact he frankly felt relief, he must have very ill feelings about her.


“In that case it would be just right. Our ship will soon be leaving, so you may board with us”

“Eh, is that fine?”

“Yes. Provided that you too will be taking part in our quest”


While saying so, Silvar took out a parchment where the quest summary was written.


“This time we, the Order of the Silver Wings, and Greed Tiger have decided to face a joint quest. The quest subject is an investigation of an enormous silhouette witnessed in the sea”

“An enormous silhouette… is it dangerous? That you would have A rank clans cooperate with each other.”

“The port’s magicians seems to have confirmed extraordinary magic power. It must be a monster who is making the vast sea its domain”


A sea monster huh.

It’s not that I have no battle experience with them, but letting them pass by is basically an established tactic for the sea.

It’s because, compared to a monster having the entire sea as their habitat, we, who can’t move except on a ship, are at an overwhelming disadvantage.

If we can solve it with ice black magic, then it’ll become possible to fight on the ice, but its so inefficient that one has to continue using the black magic.


“Is that so, if it turns into a battle, then we’ll be needing attackers and defenders protecting the ship isn’t it”

“Yes. We protect the ship with our shields as knights, and Greed Tiger will set the offense. This is how the joint quest has been arranged”

“Oh, I see it… And so, I can help out in this quest, right?”

“That is how it is. After the completion of the quest, we will escort you near the demon continent. That is because it is impossible to land as you could have expected”


This is one discussion I’m happy about.

Boarding a ship costs money too, so I’ll be extremely grateful if I could have them escort me with just cooperating with them on a quest.


“That helps me. If it’s like that, then I’ll cooperate”

“Ooh! So you’re participating too, huh Al! I can see signs of easy victory with this”

“You don’t know that if we haven’t gone there, Leona…”


As we conversed like this, Silvar stood up along with a cough.

He fixed the sword waiting at his side on his waist, it seems like he’s beginning to prepare for departure.


“Let’s leave the idle talk with this. Departure will be in one hour. We will leave you behind without mercy if you are late”

“Alright, I’ll be careful”


In any case, I was able to secure a means of transportation with this.

Next would just be achieving the quest and disembarking.

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