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Chapter 99




“Hey, what’s wrong human”


Each time Lucifer swung his arms, Kouma rolled left and right like a ball.

They were supposed to be casual attacks, but the ground tore up and squalls arose with a single attack.

Kouma somehow stood up by freely making use of the Hero’s regeneration ability, but he showed no signs of being able to attack even once.


“You have no might I see. Well, you could say this natural seeing that you are before me however”

“Damn, damn it!”



A shockwave directly hit Kouma.

However Kouma, while bearing a whole body blow, immediately released a flying blade.

It went straight towards Lucifer.




Lucifer just gazed at it and did not try to avoid.

Having managed to put his posture in order, Kouma looked at that with a face full of surprise.

The flying blade hit Lucifer directly like that――――


――was, how it appeared to be.


“It was a good counterattack, but not one worth parrying for”

“Wha- what…?”


The flying blade passed through Lucifer’s body.

The flying blade flew off in the sky as is and dispersed in midair.

The attack that was sure to have hit him did not hit him.

It was shocking enough to warp Kouma’s expression.


“That’s a good expression, human. How is it? This is the power of the seven sacred swords, this is the power of pride”

“Damn it!”


The composure lacking Kouma once again unleashed a flying blade without listening sufficiently to Lucifer’s words.

However, Lucifer did not move as expected.


“It is futile you know”


That flying blade once again passed through Lucifer and it ended with it just putting large scar behind him.


“My ability, Superbia Judge, is a power that would not accept any attacks with the exception of those I acknowledge. Human, there are no worlds in which I would parry your attacks, it seems”

“Stop, stop making fun of me!”


The enraged Kouma released flying blades in succession.

A great number of the strongest flying blades until now headed towards Lucifer.


“I am telling you it is futile”


Of course, all of those slipped through Lucifer, and stopped only to chip the ground behind him.


“I’m not done yet!”


Kouma again held his sword aloft and swung his sword twice.

Lucifer saw that and sighed.


“It’s the one thing that fools remember well”


Lucifer would not move.

The flying blade was supposed to have passed him as is.





“<Flying Blade – Light>!”


That flying blade emitted strong light in front of Lucifer’s eyes. 




Lucifer reflexively covered his eyes.

However many the attacks had passed through him, he could not avoid so far as the effects to his senses.


“You impudent…”


His eyesights gradually returning, Lucifer removed his hand.

However, his eyes have recovered and he wasn’t covering them and yet, his vision did not improve.

What was covering his vision was a cloud of dust hanging around him.


“I see, so it was his second attack”


Kouma, at the time he released the Flying blade – Light, released another flying blade.

However, he would not build up this much dust with a mere flying blade.

What became of importance there was the new special skill Kouma had learned.


‘Attribute addition’, a skill that would add attributes onto the flying blade to display various effects.


What robbed Lucifer of his vision in the beginning was the light infused “Flying Blade – Light,” a flying blade that would emit a flash.

And what raised the cloud of dust blocking his field of vision was “Flying blade – Wind”.

Kouma shot this at Lucifer’s feet, blowing up a cloud of dust in his surroundings.

As it was not a naturally occurring cloud of dust, it was possible to control it until a certain degree, and it was easy to make it float around Lucifer.

However, no matter how much he robbed Lucifer of his field of vision, he was proof against his attacks.

And this level of attack was unable to earn him more than a few seconds.


“Humans are just as I thought, shrewd creatures”


Lucifer displayed his ability.

Upon doing so, a squall broke out, and the cloud of dust was dispersed in the blink of an eye.

His vision cleared up and the figures of Kouma became clear.


“ …What is that, that appearance of yours”

“I’ve bought myself time… To turn into this mode, I needed some time”


Kouma’s appearance changed.

He was wearing a silver armor and held his sacred sword in one hand.

And on his back, swords shaped similarly to the sacred sword was lined up in a circle.

Furthermore, there were two of those similar to that circle in the surroundings.

Kouma stood there, carrying a total of three circles of swords.


“<Form Change – Sacred Wheel>” (聖刻の天輪)

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