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Chapter 89





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I push my way through the crowd and witness the disastrous scene within them with my own eyes.




Early morning, there was an uproar so Ramina and I rushed out of the inn.

At that time, we noticed Gullus had already escaped from us and so we arrived at this place along with a bad premonition.

And just as I thought, the corpse there was that guy’s.

I heard the story of the random attacker  from Ramina along the way and so I was also able to understand how this happened to him.


“He was a man not worth worrying about from our perspective, but… we only spent time awkwardly together so I feel complicated about this”

“ … I guess so. But… I did consider if didn’t he die or something”


It was a horrible way to die.

He was broken to the point you won’t know who he is if he had no clothes on him.

If he had stayed still… then I’m sure he could have been able to at least live normally.


“Hm? Isn’t that Jion over there?”


Where Ramina pointed towards was Jion, gazing at two other corpses at this place.

He kneeled down near the two and didn’t try moving.


“Where have you been until now, Jion?”

“I’ve been drinking at the bar until morning. Don’t worry, I’m not drunk you know?”

“Say, these guys were your acquaintances?”


Jion didn’t answer immediately.


“ …Who knows, I wonder if I can go as far as calling them… acquaintances. We got along drinking together yesterday evening. They were good natured, good people you know… If only I went along with them”


He spoke in a quiet tone.

There were feelings of guilt mixed in that tone of voice.

This guy should have things to think about too I guess.


“Say, Setsu”

“What up?”

“ …I’m going to look for the criminal for a bit. I won’t be able to keep my anger at this rate you know… That’s why, can you wait with our departure?”

“I don’t mind that, but… the me right now won’t be useful even if I help out you know?”


Because I don’t have any magic power after all. I don’t think I can even decently handle the searche.

If we can look for them by using just our feet, then they should’ve been discovered a long time ago.


“You don’t have to. You seem like you have something to do. Ramina, can you help me?”

“ … Fine. I’m going to feel uneasy what kind of absurdness you will do if you’re alone after all”

“That’s my partner for you”

“Who would be your partner, I’ll kill you”


Showing a nihilistic smile, Jion took Ramina along with him and went out of the crowd.

As their companion, I should chase after them I guess――――――――――


“You carry out your objectives right away alright. Whatever you’re perpetrating, it will always change something. We have expectations for that”


I tried to chase after them, but I reflexively stopped my feet.

Their figures aren’t there anymore.


“Keh…what do you mean expectations”


Doesn’t that mean I have to answer their expectations if they say that much?



“Uhm… what I’m buying is an onion and… potatoes and”



Huh, why am I shopping at a place like this…

As I recall, I was taken along by Mira because “I looked free” she said and before I realized, I was at the marketplace.


“Hey! Mr Setsu, hold it properly!”

“Sure sure…”


Putting the bag with plenty of foodstuff on both my hands, I follow behind Mira.

This town’s marketplace is moderately large.

This is something I knew afterwards, but this city seems to be near the center of the human continent, and it has quite the circulation of goods.

In other words, there are many people gathering here as a result.

A murder in a city like this huh… I think they would usually be arrested right away.


sigh… It’s always hard you know. I make a round-trip every week when we didn’t have you here Mr Setsu”

“That’s hard for you, won’t the day end with just this?”

“Yes it would, you know~! But I enjoy helping mom and the others, so…”


The inn lady and the others must be happy having such a good girl.

I’d also be fine with a kid like her when I make my future kids.

… Looking at the women around me worries me though.


“That was the last shop, so let’s go home quickly!”

“Sure sure…”


Pulling my hand holding the bags, we ran through the road to the inn.



“We’re back!”

“Welcome back. Mr Setsu, sorry for having you accompany her as well… I don’t know if I’m thanking you with this, but let me make your dinner extravagant, so-”

“You don’t have to, really. I had fun too”


I hand over the bags and let the inn lady accept it.


“I-it’s heavy isn’t it…”

“Yeah, quite so”

“And holding these bags lightly… Mr Setsu, are you a well-known adventurer?”

“No, I am an adventurer, but I’m not well known. Don’t worry about it much”


I take the bags I gave to Mrs inn lady and carry it to the kitchen.


“Where can I place this?”

“Really, thank you for anything and everything… Then it’ll be helpful if you leave it around there”


I put the foodstuff at the mentioned place and move my arms around.

When I look out over the kitchen, I understood that there are many things there that have many years of experience and have been used with great care.

I’ve chosen a great inn even if I do say so myself.


“Ah, it looks like you were responsible for helping us, Mr customer, so… Thank you very much”

“It’s fine I tell you. It is true that I was free”


The old man appeared in apron and accurately divided the ingredients.

This person is skilled at cooking and is sociable too.

Or rather, this family have really good people.

Being able to manage an inn of this scope with three people on top of it speaks of the good skills of these people.

Mira’s shopping went smoothly too, considering her age.


“You guys are amazing you know. I was right in choosing this inn”

“Hearing you say that makes me very happy”

“I’ll help you out again if there’s anything. We won’t be staying long, but I’ll take up at least physical work”

“Thank you very much. By all means, please”


Turning my back to the old man’s delightful smiling face, I return to our room.

Inside it was one idiot god sleeping like a log with her stomach showing…


“You follow the example of the people of this inn! ”

“Ow! What do you think you are doing!?”


I slap her stomach and wake her up.

I didn’t particularly mean to wake her up, but she’s pissing me off so it serves her right first of all.


“Don’t go sleep so slovenly. Hide at least your stomach”

“What? Do you sexually crave even my stomach?”

“Who is gonna get excited to some kid’s stomach? Stop saying stupid stuff and sleep with your stomach covered”

“Mh… truly like a mother are you not…”


Come to think of it, would gods catch cold?

Well, doesn’t really matter, if she stops being slovenly.

I entered the other bed and submerged my consciousness towards the night.



The next day, nothing happened in particular.

Corpses have been found again, but how have Jion and Ramina been doing?

If they can’t solve it in a day, then this likely means there’s a real troublesome enemy.

When I asked Stroh for the chances of them being a <Sacred Sword>, the chances itself seems high.

She just can’t sense their presence so she doesn’t seem to have any proof of that, or so she said.


“We don’t really need to sleep that much, so… Shall I try investigating it during the daytime at least…”

“You say that, but the one detecting them will be I, is it not…”


Stroh and I are in front of the inn.

If I were to say why this girl is getting involved into this, it’s because the theory of the <Sacred Swords> being the criminal is most likely theory.

There were not even one witness and their ways of murdering them were peculiar.

If they are a human being, then they should’ve at least used magic power and it’s impossible for Jion and Ramina to not have noticed that.

If it’s like that, then I can only think of them as the criminals behind it.

The only one who could grasp their presence is Stroh, so no matter how much of a sleepyhead she is, I’m gonna have her help me.


“Well, it’s fine. Even I cannot permit the sacred swords to do as they wished. We find them quickly and break them”

“Oh, so you’ve gotten motivated then. Good, first we’ll hit it from around the crime scene”


Where we headed to first is the place where Gullus was killed.

It’s already tidied up completely clean, but they haven’t gone as far as fixing the dent on the ground.


“That’s some amazing power adjustment… looks like he struck him alone with precisely enough power to crush him”


Judging from the dent on the ground, it became like this with one attack.

The current me will be incapacitated if I receive it, I’m sure about it.


“Don’t you know anyone who can do something like this?”

“I do happen to know of some, but I do not know which. Unfortunately, their numbers are quite large. They could easily do at least this much”

“I guess so…”


I had a bout with a sacred sword once so I know, but Phellibus had quite the superhuman strength.

But in this case, it felt like he was struck with something gigantic, doesn’t it… not superhuman strength and so on. No, there should be several people who fall under that.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be strange if there’s a hammer looking sacred sword.

I mean, Touma’s excalibur did turn into a gun after all.


“The other corpses are… Chopped up if I remember correctly. That one makes it hard to find just the sword with that”


We headed to the other locations afterwards, but in whichever place we were, the situation was the same.

We tried going to the latest location, but there were no magic powers left behind.

This at last made it very likely that it’s the work of the sacred swords――――――――――――.

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