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Chapter 82

Departure – First Half




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“I will explain it once more, Phellibus is a sacred sword forged by Creasyl. There are many swords beside him, but even I do not know of their exact number. Speaking of their characteristics, they have high lethal potential against mankind.”



A little after defeating Phellibus, we returned to the inn.

The villagers have completely recovered their condition and now they’re trying to recover their lost strength.

As for the guys who received Phellibus’s influences at point blank range, there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual going on with their lives, though they haven’t recovered their consciousness.

Being thanked as a great hero who rescued the village in the end, I decided to take food and some money and leave this village early because it’ll look like I’ll get restrained in the village and have various troublesome things.

Though I say that, today we’ll be staying at the inn and we’ll depart tomorrow.


“In other words it’s, what, sacred swords are weapons of mass murder created by the idiot Creasyl in order to kill people right? And then they hide themselves at the same time she was sealed and due to her being revived, the sacred swords would also be brought back, is what you’re saying.”

“What, so you do have reasonable understanding.”

“ … My head isn’t on the bad side from the start you know”


I’d get lost like that when I get shaken though.


“Well, what you said is good. The problem is――――――”

“That those monstrous sacred swords fellows may be rampaging around the world, right?”

“… Do not steal my lines”


Even I would shiver if the world’s rampaged by those guys who have that much power.

I’m glad I took down Phellibus this time.

They’re probably going to be quite a bother in the long term and it’ll be that much of a great disaster if they can even move while distributing illnesses.


“No, wait? Why did Phellibus not move from here?”


If he has that much strength, then he could contaminate this village to extinction in the blink of an eye and if he then invade a different… yes, large city, then the extermination of the humans would be instantly――――――――――


“ … He must not have wanted to interfere with the other sacred swords. Considering his divine powers, his powers are on the lower-middle side among the sacred swords. If he were to dabble with the humans on other sacred swords’ jurisdiction in an inferior position, then it is possible for him to provoke their anger. The one who breaks in that case would be Phellibus after all”

“ … So the sacred swords are, in a meaning, protecting the humans in their own jurisdiction, huh?”

“In order to kill them with their own hands that is”


What an extremely nasty lot.

Or rather, you saying he is even the lower-middle one…?


“Well, I did arbitrarily define their strength with simple combat potential. Phellibus was a sacred sword with troubling abilities and he would be a little more superior if he could only display his specialties”

“Even so… there are those above him?”

“ … There is a group called the <Seven Sacred Swords>. If you humans would go against those… You had better consider yourselves dead. They’re Creasyl’s supreme masterpieces after all, they’re extraordinary”


Seven Sacred Swords… huh.

At least they’re out of the question for the current magic powerless me.

If I happen to come across them, then I’ll die for starters.

――――――I won’t die, yet. I can’t possibly die.


“We’ll make breaking sacred swords all around our current goal and… Hey Stroh”

“What is it with you, being so serious”

“Can’t you share divine powers with me?”

“ … hum”


Huh? I only said that relatively half-jokingly though.

Seeing Stroh being quite seriously troubled, I got somewhat filled with expectations.


“ … Distributing divine power… should be impossible”

“Oh what the hell, don’t go getting my hopes up, for crying out loud”


I reflexively hang my head.


“To begin with, my current divine powers are only a drop in the bucket. It is not an amount I can transfer. It’s just…”


“ …You may be able to awaken the divine powers within you”

“… What?”


My thinking stopped for a moment from the too abrupt suggestion.


“N- no… Awakening divine powers… should be impossible. I’m not a god in anyway you know?”

“You should have a one in million chance. Moreover, you are able to handle divine power even with a person’s body. As evidence is that you are handling a sacred sword that contains divine powers after all, though in small quantity”

“ … Gluttony and Excalibur have divine powers too?”

“Certainly. Now they are lending you ownership and recognition, but they are all originally things created by Creasyl’s hands. Her divine powers are kneaded in them.”


Now I get it, so the reason that wielders of a sacred sword can obtain strength that’s in a different league is an act of a god.

… She’s pissing me off, that bitch.

What, you’re saying we got strong thanks to that woman?

What do you mean Hero, fucking shame.

No, what’s more shameful than that is that I thought I became stronger with my own strength.


“ … Although I say that, it is plenty possible that nothing awakens even if you practiced, so you may pointlessly waste nothing but time. Will you still do it?”

“Of course I will”

“Oh, good. An immediate reply I see”


If the possibility is zero, then I would reject it without any room for consideration.

But if there’s even a little possibility, then there’s enough to win by doing it.

I’ve already decided to do what I can do. So it’ll become a lie if I don’t challenge it here.


“Alright then. You seem to be serious about this as well, so let me awaken the divine powers within you in seriousness as well”

“I’m relying on you Stroh”

“Could you not at least call me master!?”



“ … “

“Hmph… Sleeping so comfortably…”


Night, Destroia sat on the bed and was overlooking the sleeping Setsu.

His expression is bad, his speech is also bad, but only when he is sleeping does he show a face that suits his appearance.


“ … Humans and the like could not simply reach the point of handling powers of a god”


While looking at that immature face, she leaked out words alone.

Those were words that negated everything she had said some time ago.


“Who can handle divine powers are only the descendants of a god”


Destroia got off the bed and looked up in the sky from the windows of the room.


“Setsu … is your child after all is it not?”


It was a sky blackened as if one could be absorbed in it.

No matter how much the stars and moons are giving off light, that darkness would not fade.

Destroia began to ask a question to the sky.


“Is it not――――――――――――――――――Oh god of death”


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  1. a child of God of Death who take a oath to never kill anyone…

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    1. Well, in the past chapter, she said she’ll come kill him herself if he were to kill more than one person. I think it’s likely that killing one person enables him to become a god of death or something similar.

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  3. I hope the reason he isn’t supposed to kill is that his parent is just a lazy shit who doesn’t want more work as the god of death and that’s it. Rather then some long overblown stupid bullshit that only makes sense on the specific combination of hallucinatory mushrooms the author consumed.

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