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Chapter 17

The Proud Demon Lord




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“ … Persistent girl”


The two girls were running about through the seventieth floor.

The chased side was a person who was with Red, wearing a blue costume and was called Blue.

The other one was Isvel, well known for her bad reputation as the demon lord.


“Why do you chase me?”

“Because you’re in front of me!”

“I can’t accept that as a reason though”


Blue, while running inside the dungeon, arrived at a spacious room.

However, wherever you look inside that room, there were no exits beside the passage she entered in.

It was a complete dead end.


“Heh heh heh, I have finally cornered you”

“ … You, what did you really come here for?”

“Isn’t that obvious!? Err… Huh, what did I come here for again?”


Even Blue, who was Isvel’s enemy, was rendered unable to say anything from her amazement towards Isvel, who forgot her original goal from the delight of having driven her into a corner.


“Oh, that was it, that was it! I chased after you so that none of the treasures are taken by you!”

“Treasure? I don’t know what you are talking about, but now that I’ve been followed this far, I  have you accompany me in an experiment as well”



The instant Isvel tilted her head, many groans began to resound inside the dungeon.


“This place is also known as the Monster House. It appears to be an ordinary dead-end, but it’s a trap in order to get rid of the humans who enter the room.”


“Look, you hear them, don’t you? The voices of immortal apparitions who received the mission to hunt the invaders here”


When she noticed it, a black haze shrouded at the feet of the two.

Unbelievably, the groans that were similar to sighs, resounded from inside this haze.

Together with sounds of metal hitting each other, those monsters materialized.


“Undead Knight. Ruins of what once were knights who have died on these lands you know”


Clad in broken armor that was chipped in several places, the knights this time appeared from inside the haze, along with a war cry.

The red eyes that are shining suspiciously inside the iron mask was filled with clear hostility and were pointed towards Blue and Isvel, who were in the center of them.


“You’ve been explaining it proudly, but aren’t you caught in the trap as well?”

“I am not caught in the trap, I am caught in the trap together with you on purpose. For the sake of experiment that is”



In the situation where the knights could attack any time soon, Blue closed her eyes.

In front of Isvel who was doubtfully looking at her, a magic circle was deployed around Blue.

Isvel was still unaware, but this magic circle, though different in color, resembled the magic circle that brought forth the orcs who Red made use of in another location.


“Ruling technique, type: Undead Knight”


The magic circle spread from end to end of the room.

Isvel reflexively jumped up, but she noticed that that magic circle did not exert any effect on her at all.

However, it wasn’t that nothing had occured.



“You mean your aim wasn’t me?”

“That is correct”


The knights who were around Isvel after landing, stopped showing signs of moving, though they were shivering bit by bit.

It was apparent that they received the influence of the magic circle Blue had deployed.


“The ruling experiment of monsters who do not possess a ruler is first of all a success. Next will be whether they would take orders from me”

“Ruling? What, are you planning on keeping these?”

“What if I am?”

“Give up on that. They’re smelly, dimwitted and aren’t that strong, they’re useless”

“Not strong you say. As I thought there is something wrong with your head isn’t it? Each of the undead knights are B rank monsters. If there are so many of them, they would be existences that are dangerous even for A rank adventurers”


Isvel surveyed her surroundings and once again surveyed the undead knights.

It wasn’t clear to her as to why these undead knights are this much to be feared.

At the time she was taking command as the demon lord, there was a time Isvel also had used undead knights as soldiers, but they were in the end cast aside and broken in pieces, without even been able to confine the Hero.

As a result of that, undead knights had the worst evaluation inside Isvel.


“Even though you say dangerous, isn’t it simply that they don’t die? Where is the danger in that?”

“ …You, there really is something wrong with your head isn’t it? Are you perhaps able to say that because you have never come face to face with them? In that case, I have to properly give you an idea of the danger”


Blue stretched out her finger towards Isvel.

That instant, the eyes of the undead knights in this room were pointed towards Isvel.

After being showered in their eyes filled with intent to kill, Isvel let out her voice like she was impressed.


“Oh, interesting. To think there are people beside me who would employ monsters…”

“Your voice is too soft, I can’t hear you. If you’re begging for your life, then say it in a louder voice”

“Who would even do something like begging for their lives!”

“Then――――die, okay?”


All the knights began to move at once.

They raised their terribly chipped and rusty sword and approached in order to reap Isvel’s life.

However, Isvel did not avert her eyes from Blue.

That did not change, even when the blade was swung downward and even right before it hit her.

And the blades of the knights never reached her.


“――Ice Field”


Isvel muttered those words.

The next instant, the movements of all the knights were perfectly suspended.

The knights were fully encased in ice and it did not seem to be able to move a single finger.


“So, what is it about immortality?”

“Wha… this is…!?”


Blue extended her hands to an undead knights that was frozen over.

And then, at the same time when her fingers touched it, it broke down with ice and all.

The ice that had turned into fragments, fell to the ground while reflecting light.

Blue was unable to do anything but letting that pass in a daze.


Why are undead knights called immortal?

That stemmed from the knight’s astounding life force.

Moving even when their heads are cut off, moving even when their hearts are pierced and each parts starts to move even when they are scattered.

No matter how far you corner them, you are unable to be unprepared; that is the trait of undead knights.


For that reason, Isvel, who understood that physical attacks were meaningless, took up a different technique.


“Despite appearances, ice attribute black magic is my forte. If it’s these partially decayed knights I have to kill, then it would be faster if I completely freeze them all the way to the center of their heart”


Isvel softly touched the knights who were swinging downwards their sword.

That became the impetus, and all of the surrounding undead knights shattered.


“Are you done with your experiment? Then stay still there. I have to collect the treasures from here on”



Blue sat down on that spot.


She was in a different league by anything and everything.

Black magic that could freeze over this much of a monster in an instant and the magic power for casting that black magic.

However she tried to observe her and go around in her thoughts, she could not win against this girl.

If Isvel were to be serious, then she would not have been alive already――

It was the end when she thought so.

She had no more strength left to stand up.


“ …Demon lord”



That time, words spilled from Blue’s mouth.

They were words that came out unconsciously from her perspective.

Among what she knew, the existences who held this much strength were only the demon lord, the Hero and several other A rank adventurers.


“Right now… what did you say?”


She must have not expected that that would incur the demon lord Isvel’s wrath.


“I can not keep you alive I suppose, now that you’ve called me with that name”


Not even a second was necessary before the sitting Blue was frozen over.


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