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Chapter 64




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This guy’s freaking annoying.”


I grumble as I watch the unhurt Kagerou even when he received a hit from Kuromaru.


“I told you it doesn’t work didn’t I?”


He only swung his sword in return.

I catch that with a single hand and beat his stomach with my freed hand.

But it felt dull.

From what I understand, this black armor absorbs all energy and turn them to 0.

Why my attack wasn’t being effective was because it turned its kinetic energy to 0, but even attacks laden with magic or magic power were no good.

It seems it also absorbs magic power, but you could simply say it’s some material that fully absorbs powerful impact.


“It’s useless!”



Once again I turn my body away from the swung sword.

You know what, I give up.

I don’t have a plan to break through my current situation.

Doing no damage even though I put quite a bit of my strength into hitting him means it’s not even worth considering if it’s not an attack that’s near my full strength I guess.

If you ask me if I would crush him if I put out my full strength, then I can only answer with probably, but……if I attack Kagerou with my full strength, then he’ll die.

That’s bad.

Right now I won’t be defeated, but I won’t win either. My plans of instantly defeating him and come to other people’s assistance collapsed.


“fuh……as expected of the man recognized by my liege, different from those insects!”


“If I remember correctly……they’re called the five great demon generals?”


Kagerou’s expression is that of ridicule.

You don’t mean this guy……


“You……what the hell did you do?”

“Even if you ask me what, I’ve only killed them is all I can say. There should be a corpse of a giant and of a tiny girl lining up on the dirty ground, you know?”

“ ……”


The five great demon generals were defeated?

Physically it should be Ides and Lily.

Those two were strong.

But I can understand.

If this guy fought wearing this armor then they could not hope to win.

They actually don’t have any source of damage from the fact I couldn’t deal any damage to him.

In other words, his words are real――――――――――


“It’s not something to be sad about, you bastard will soon suffer the same fate!”

“……Shut the fuck up.”


I dodge the sword and kick Kagerou’s chest to make him step back.


“Hmph! This much is――――――――what?”


The guy noticed.

That he himself was kicked and was made to take distance.

That he himself received impact.


“……muttering this and that, just shut up. You, what have you fucking done?”


“What have you done I said! Aah!?”


Before he could say something, I hit Kagerou’s face hard.

He who fell on his ass finally understood I guess.

That his armor couldn’t absorb my attacks.


“Eat this!”



I strike him with Kuromaru.

Kuromaru who tried to catch that couldn’t kill off the impact and was blown off greatly to the back.

Damn it.

Making me feel my anger boiling. It’s not enough, this level of attack.

More, with enough strength to break him――――――――――


“Ha, haha! Now we’re talking!”


I quietly raise Kuromaru overhead towards Kagerou who rose up.

It’s still not enough to X this guy.

My magic power crawled onto Kuromaru.

Before long that increased to a thickness where white could be seen and it made the ground vibrate from the magic power’s excitement.


“――――――――――――just die.”

“Gh! <Dark Robe>!”


His face instantly becoming pale, Kagerou wore a new dark aura over his body.


“These two layers are difficult to do as expected, but……with this, I will no longer receive you bastard’s attack ag――――――――――――”


Yeah, shut up.

I want to silence him right now, no, I’m going to silence him right now.

The magic power I’ve poured into Kuromaru is already reaching its limit.


An instant――――――――the sound in the surrounding stopped.


“――――――――――――――<Flying blade – Sever>.


One straight line ran the earth.


“I’m glad, you’re alive.”



Kagerou was standing.

He may be bearing a deep gash from shoulder to toe and he may have spit a large puddle of blood, but he is still standing.


“You shifted the tip with your sword and protected your head, huh?”


At his feet, the cut edge of his one handed sword was dropped.

Judging from the cutting sensation it should’ve been quality goods at the level of Kuromaru.

And so the shadow armor, to think it prevented a bisection.

I think the cause was that my head cooled down before I had completely swung down and ended up putting some leeway in it, but I really didn’t think it could stop this much damage.

This guy is strong, no doubt.

This guy’s probably the strongest among the black robes.


“Even with my <Limit Break>……I can’t reach you, is that what you’re saying……”


The cut armor broke and fell.

At the same time, Kagerou fell on his knees.

His knees on the ground, he looked up in the sky.


“Kill me.”


It was a voice that gave up everything.


“If I could get rid of you here then…… it would have be fine though.”

“You’re too greedy, you idiot.”


If you want to kill me, bring along 50 Kagerous.

I don’t feel like losing though.


“Well, you probably know this, but I don’t kill.”


Even I didn’t think blood would rush into my head this much just then.

To think……that I would go as far as thinking about killing him.

There’s still anger, not so much right now though.

For now I want to quickly head to the two. It’s about those two, they may still be breathing.

Worst case……they’ll be saved by me.


“I’m in a hurry, but I’m the one being troubled if you die like this. I’mma treat you so stay still.”


Even so, I’ll be troubled even if Kagerou dies.

If it’s this level of injury then I shall do it quickly.

It doesn’t look like this guy’s putting a resistance either so it should be fine if I heal him and tie him up.


“……You, why won’t you take someone’s life?”



When I was applying recovery magic while thinking of the future, Kagerou’s voice put me back to reality.


“I’ve heard from my liege that you don’t take a person’s life. From the beginning when you came to this world all the way until now……if that is so, then why won’t you kill someone?”



……now that he mentioned it, what was the reason again?


It’s true that I thought I don’t want to take responsibility of a person’s life anymore at the time I killed Touma.

But, I haven’t killed a person before that either.

In this cruel world, I stubbornly refused giving and taking life.

How heinous of a guy he is, I won’t kill him.

How much I couldn’t stomach the guy, I haven’t killed any.


Why……if I’m asked, why though?


If my previous life in Japan was the cause, then I won’t be able to recall it anymore.

But suppose that was the case, then I think I would’ve talked about it with somebody.

Something like this happened, that’s why I won’t take away life……or something.

I don’t have any such memories.

I feel that this reason……the reason I don’t kill people is carved in a much deeper place……a place deeper than my heart or memories.

Well…… I guess it’s not something I can recall at this place now.


“Even I don’t know it myself.”


I say while binding the treated Kagerou with a rope knead of magic power.

And while I’m at it I take out a magic stone out of the magic bag and put it into the rope that has become a roll wrapping around him.

This is a magic sealing stone, he shouldn’t be able to use any magic for a while.


“Well, aren’t you glad I was your opponent? If it were someone else you would’ve died.”

“……There is no merit in living for me who has been defeated.”


Kagerou hid his face.


“We are people that are created. As weapons to destroy various tribes, as tools of war…… If we’re defeated then we lose whatever value we had.”



What’s with this guy, it suddenly got so heavy.

These sort of stories are basically what I don’t want to hear.

It’s useless and I’ll be left unable to say anything.

It’s because I won’t be able to sympathise no matter how much he kept at it.

It’s because this monster(me) can’t feel any sympathy towards anybody.


“……I don’t know your situation, but…… Well, living is better than ending up dying I think.”


Death is accompanied with horror you can’t do anything about.

I have already died once so I get that.

The time I was lured into a trap and was forcibly sent back to Japan, I felt my own body dissolving inside the main current of an enormous magic power.

Eventually everything completely dissolved and my consciousness vanished.

That time was scary in any case.

I, who became the strongest and had no scary things, harbored terror.

Excuse me if I’m going to taste that again.


“For now, we’ll start with you apologizing to the demons and having them forgive you. If it’s just a bit then I can plead with you so there. And then I’d say go out and eat some meal. A full stomach is the root of happiness you know?”



Kagerou said nothing.

He must have various things to think about.


“Oops…… I have to find them soon and heal them……”

“…… They’re dead you know.”

“Who cares. They’re alive, those guys.”


My intuition is saying so.

Those guys are tougher than humans and the like.


“Tell me the place where they fell right away. You don’t have any rights to veto any――――――――”

“――――――――――This isn’t good, you know Kagerou? You have to fight until you die.”



I responded to the voice I heard right behind me…… And reflexively, swung Kuromaru.

It was a single, unadjusted swing.

That guy grinned broadly.


“Look――――――――Your liege’s in a pinch you know.”


But, who I killed was……


“…… Thanks Kagerou. Thanks to you I was saved and I was able to make Setsu take away “a person’s” life.”


Sprays of blood scattered around.

Kagerou crumbled down while looking at his own chest. I, completely cut his heart and lungs and he who lost his life…… slowly…… began losing body temperature.


“Now Setsu――――――――――show it to me?”


Touma looked at me and laughed.

Without looking at Kagerou who moved himself and acted as a wall, he looked at me.


Kagerou is dead.


I killed him.


Touma use him as a wall, no that’s not it.

My blade, my blade murdered him.


I killed him――――――――――with these hands of mine.


I took a life, with these hands, I, I, I――――――――――――――


“Ah…… Aah…… AAAaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaah!”




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