Another Status Post!

Welp,  stuff is going on per usual.  Click more to get the details ~~

Seems a bit of a mess…  I was very, very lazy and did not test out things before deploying them, and I edited the live site, etc. So, please comment on any issues you may run into with the site for now, and I’ll get it sorted out eventually. With the exception of some margin/padding issues for the right column, it should be properly displayed on phones/tablets.

The new theme and its issues aside,  I went back and added Navigation to the releases.  Currently,  I’m aiming to have V1 finished up this weekend by pitching in with my own efforts to edit the remaining chapters that Editor-chan cannot get to this weekend.  With that, we’ll be more or less caught up.  We have one in the queue for V2 and past that are still unfinished.

Editor-chan has 17 open, and she’s working on it as I post this.  I’ll aim to do any of the last 3 chapters from V1 she’s unable to get done this weekend and publish them.

Past that,  I’m unsure if I want to make an Epub using C1-11 from Metal Hagure MT or not (Should be fine with proper credits right? Tho, consistency…).

Oh, I also updated the Index page for BFTG-NT as well as updated most instances of the full title to match the TL SpecterZe stated for it.

From: ” Blessing From the Goddess and Transfer to Another World! ~No Thanks, I Don’t Need a Special Power~”

To: ” Blessing From the Goddess and Transfer to Another World! ~No Thanks, I Already Have a Special Power~”


Well,  Forgive the rant-like post.   I’ll end it here for now.  Lots of other tedious things to tend, related to this project and others.  o/


13 thoughts on “Another Status Post!

    1. I appreciate the offer. It’s all good for now tho. We’re working on it currently and it looks like making it before the weekend is over will be easy enough with both of us editing. So look forward to the slew of releases 😉

      After that, I don’t think we’ll fall behind the TL. It’s just like this since we came into the project already 5+ chapters behind due to the lull in releases from the former site. ^.^

      Tho, Editor-chan did insist she reviews my edits before I publish them. lol. 😀

    1. Aye, already got the Draft added to the site. We’ll have all of em up to c18 out by sunday. 17 initial pass is already done, as well as the first pass of the special chapter. Just 17.5 and Extra chapter 2 left. Prob just push em all public Sat ? 😉

    1. Well, if I post c1-11 on this site, it’ll be after we’ve edited them from the TL’s ourselves.
      I’m set on that, far as this site goes. I’m feeling more flexible with the epub tho, an initial epub till I can get around to one that’s all from our editing alone. I’m only that way on it cause I pref to binge read epubs myself and do when they’re available. Ppl will make them on their own like that anyway, and it’ll be a while till we redo the first 11 cause the ongoing TL will have priority, obv 😀

      Also, yeah. Still not a peep from Metal Hagure MT so far.

      1. that would be for the best and personally i use pdf cos i can see them on acrobat on mi mobile phone xD well it’s getting build up little by little by the way still can connect to from a .com one xd

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