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“… … Revil’s fellow …”

I walk on the road to the city where the beast kid lives.

We can see that the weeds are facing out to the edge in places where only the ground that was just maintained had been kept, and it has not been maintained for a while.

I wonder if this neighborhood is the suitability of the Beastite.

By the way, the road of the continent of human being was paved properly.

“I think I should discuss a bit even if I go, I wish you.”

“Well, even if we are asked …”

“I do not know”

Minnows and silk cats walking about behind me have a bitter smile.

Why are they with me and how I broke up with Reiaia, it goes back to yesterday’s scene ——

◇ ◇ ◇

I think I will act differently for a while ——

I asked Revere what I said.

“I will return to the demonic continent right now, because I can get drawn if I alone, I can reach it in less than half a day …”

“You may not have dropped me separately? They are not weak strongly, you never lose in half a day. If I were … ….”

“Even you are not perfect, as long as you hear the story, the hero and the brave and black robes are on the side of the human, you do not know what to do with Setsu.”

Certainly …… If the purpose of Fuyu ‘s fellow really destroys demons and beastmen, they will be on the side of humans.

In that case, you have to oppose the strong black lobe and the winter seeds.

Winter and I … … there is no difference in ability.

What I was stronger was that I was able to confirm when I killed him last time, my magical power also got in the way and I got a pretty injured without having to go to tattered.

If I was a bit worse at that time, winning or losing might have been reversed in a blink of an eye.

Speaking of oblivion, I just ran away to the enemy just now.

I have not had sufficient grounds to say back to Revere “You should go on with me.”

“Certainly … … If my classmates and black robes summoned together, I could not stop stopping even if I was alone”

I guess it’s time to earn points.

It will be visible immediately that it will be defeated immediately.

“But then, everywhere you went ——“

“I know I do not depend on you as much as I am … so … … would you ask me a little?”

I could only do a nod in the word of Revere who talks about self-destruction.


“Thank you. I’m asking you …… I want Sets to send reinforcements from this beastman continent.”

“Are you a reinforcement?”

“Yes, there is nothing you can do that would be your desire?”

The king Beauty will move if you ask for it.

Even though he can not move himself he should be able to lend the fullest strength.

“But how about doing that? Even if there are black robes and braves, if we combine the power of the two continents …”

“—— I want to annihilate that black robe … and the toma of that parent is also”

“… ….”

Something similar to hatred was burning in the eyes of Revere.

As this happens, you probably will not be able to talk.

“Do not tell me the circumstances”

“Now it’s not … I do not want to talk about myself, so do not ask me if you can,”

“… Aiyo”

Is not it to be able to ask that far … … That’s right.

It seems to me that there are a lot of women, things that I do not want to hear like that.

There is no choice because there is even a man, yes.

“I understand what you want to say, your hopes …… I told you to ask me to do so, I will move accordingly, but be sure to defend the continental demons firmly for you to go first.”

You do not have to be fancy that you are losing when you arrive.

“I understand … … If you want another saying bear … I hope as soon as possible”

To Levia saying with a bitter smile, I burst out laughing in spite of myself.

It can not be helped, I must finish early and go to help.

“Fu …… I understand … well then …”

“Yes, beyond”

“Oh, over there”

Me and Revia return their heels to a slight extent with their greetings.

I can not do this.

The time is still in the morning, let’s go to the beast king today and tomorrow.

It takes three to four days to borrow a magical team of metastasis to the Maori Continent … Please endure Levia, DESISTOL.

“Setsu …”

“What’s wrong with you”

I was about to depart and I was stopped by a silky cat asked.

“I want to thank you,”

“Wow, I am too!”

Mineko also speaks so that it will compete with the silk cat who said it was a thank you.

It is a story that jumps soon if it is not such a situation ……

“Now it is okay, and again next time ——“

“If so, I will keep up with Setsu.”

“… What is …?”

“Wow, me too!”


◇ ◇ ◇

And so, I acted differently from Levia, are these two cats girls? Two persons? I am heading to the beast king with him.

Siloked eels and mineko were to be with me as a fighting force.

It is said that they will participate in the war on the continent as a thank you.

According to what I heard they are preeminent combinations and it seems that they are quite a powerful person.

It is a perfect place to be a friend.

“Beast King? …. Hisashi Nana Real”

It was the first time in five years, even when it was a designer, but it would be unavoidable to feel such a feeling.

It’s been a long time since I met ROA … Well, did that little energetic child grow up? In case

Which is stronger between Setsu and the Beast King? “

“Ah, it was decided by me like that,”

“Is it decided … ?.”

I fought a lot of times in response to his hopes of fighting, but I never lost.

However, the number of injured times is much more than the others.

I did not lose, but something like that happened often with one arm bloody.

“Well beast king is also quite strong, if you can do it I would like to borrow himself … …”

Even if the battle situation is pushed if the demon king and the beast king come together, it will be able to return at once.

The king ‘s strength was not Date.

“Wait a minute …”

It has arrived so soon as I had walked a little over a day so far.

The town where the trees split up, the town which was made on the vast expanse of the flat land <The Kingdom Regal Dam> revealed its appearance before us.

◇ ◇ ◇

There was a shadow swimming at the speed of the sea between the beastman continent and the demonic continent.

(… … I can not tell you, I can not say it … …)

Revere mutters with a face like crushing bitterness.

“It’s an important piece for me and the designer … … to achieve the purpose of the black robes …”

40 Departure from each

40 Departure of each

“……That bitch Levia……”

I’m walking on the highway to the town the beast king is living in.The surface of the ground was only maintained evenly and I can see from the weeds showing its face here and there at the edges, that it hasn’t been maintained for a while.Not sure, but this area fits the beastmen race.Now that I think about it, the roads on the human continent is properly paved I guess. 

“Even if she was going, I think she should’ve discussed it with me a little more. Right, you girls?”

“E- even if you ask us……”

“We don’t know desu”


Mineko and Shironeko who were walking behind me showed a forced smile.

As for why they are with me and how I parted with Levia, we will have to go back to the scene from yesterday――――――


 ◇ ◇ ◇


I’m thinking about going off on my own for a while――――――


I asked Levia why when she said that.


“I’m immediately going back to the demon continent. It’s because I can dive when I’m on my own and so I can also arrive there in less than half a day……”

“Can’t you just pick me up? Those guys ain’t weak and they shouldn’t lose in half a day. If I’m there……”

“You aren’t perfect either. As far as I can hear from the conversation, that Hero called Touma and the black robes are supporting the side of the humans, isn’t that right? If it is like that then even you won’t know how it will end up, would you Setsu?”


She’s got a point……If that bastard Touma’s aim really is destroying the demons and beastmen then those guys should be allies of the humans.

If it’s like that then I’ll end up having to fight both Touma and the relatively strong black robes.

Touma and I……don’t have that much difference in strength.

I was able to confirm the fact I’m stronger at the time I killed that guy last time, but at that time I was flat out of magic power and though I wasn’t completely in tatters, I did bear quite some injuries.

If at that time I was careless, even a little, then the outcome would probably reverse  instantly.

Speaking of carelessness, I just let our enemy just now escape.

The current me didn’t have enough grounds to respond with “It’s better if I go along.”


“You got a point……If my summoned classmates and the black robed bunches join hands, then……they probably won’t be stopped even if only I’m there.”


All I’m able to do is buy some time I guess.


In that case I can see defeat firsthand.


“But if that’s the case then even if you go there it wouldn’t even ma――――――”

“I know that. The fact I won’t be as reliable as you even if I go…… That’s why ……won’t you let me request of you a little?”


I couldn’t do anything but just agreeing to the words of Levia who was saying it masochistic-like.



“Thanks. The request is…… I want you to send in reinforcements from this beastmen continent, Setsu.”

“It’s reinforcements?”

“That’s right. It’s not something you cannot do, right? Given your popularity.


I guess the beast king will surely move for me if I ask.

Like, he should lend me the maximum of their military strength even if that guy doesn’t move himself.


“But do we have to go that far? If we combine the two major powers, then no matter how many black robes and Heroes there are……”

“――――――You know I, I want those black robes annihilated……And that boss person called Touma as well.”



Something similar to hatred was burning in Levia’s eyes.

If it’s like this then she probably won’t be open to discussion I guess.


“You’re not going to tell me those circumstances of yours, are you?”

“Right now is……it’s not something I myself want to talk about. That’s why don’t ask me about it if you can.”

“……Roger that.”


So it’s not something I should press questions about that much, huh……That should be the case right?

Women have many of them right? Things they don’t want to be asked about.

Even men have those so there’s nothing to do about it right, yeah.


“Well, I understand what you want to say. You also told me that you’re relying on me…… and your wish too so I’ll move that way. But now that you’re going ahead, protect the demon continent properly, you hear?”


Because it won’t be a joke if the war is lost already the moment I arrive.


“I know……Also if you would let me say another selfish thing to you……As soon as possible please, okay?”


I unintentionally burst into laughter at Levia who said that with something like a bitter smile.


Can’t be helped then; I have to get through with it faster than usual and go help them.


“Fuh……I got it then. Okay then……”

“Right, see you over there.”

“Yeah, see you.”


Levia and I returned each other’s greetings in a hurry.

I can’t waste time here.

We’re still in the morning, so let’s go to the beast king’s place today and tomorrow.

Borrowing the transfer magic circle to the demon continent is going to take three to four days……Endure it please, Levia and Desastre.




“Hm? What’s up, Shironeko?”


Right when I was about to depart immediately, I stop when I was called out by Shironeko.


“I, would like to thank you desu”

“Me- Me too!”


Shironeko gave me her thanks and Mineko also put up a voice in order to rival her.

If it weren’t for this situation, it would be an attractive topic right away, but……


“I’m fine right now, thanking me at another time would be――――――”

“In that case I will follow you desu.”


“Me- me too!”



 ◇ ◇ ◇



And that’s how Levia and I are going off on our own, I take along these two kittens? Two people? And head towards the beast king’s place.

It’s decided that Shironeko and Mineko will be joining me as fighting power.

It seems that they’re going to participate in the war on the demon country as thanks.

As far as I’ve heard, the two are an outstanding combination and they appear to be quite the powerful people somehow.

They’re beings you would have no objections to in becoming your allies.


“The beast king huh……it’s been a long time, like really.”


It’s been five years already. It was the same at that time with Desastre, but you just can’t help getting these feelings can you? 


“Setsu, who is stronger desu? You or the beast king?”

“Ah? That’s always been me you know?”

“So it’s always desu……”


I’ve responded to that battle loving guy’s wishes and competed as many times he likes, but I’ve never lost to him.

The times I bore injuries was far more often than with the others though.

I never lost, but I’ve often gotten something like one of my arms stained with blood.


“Well, the beast king is quite strong. Strong enough to want that guy’s own strength if possible though……”


If both the demon king and beast king are present, then we should be able to turn the tide in one go even if the progress of war is pushed to one side.

The king’s strength isn’t just for show.


“Oh――――――it’s in sight now.”


We advanced by foot for a little over a day and had reached the place very quickly.

Ahead where the trees part, <Royal capital Regdam>, a town built on the vastly stretched plains, revealed itself in front of our eyes. *(レグダム: regudamu)


 ◇ ◇ ◇


In the waters between the beastmen continent and demon continent was a shadow swimming at a great speed.


(……I couldn’t say it, there is no way I can tell him……)


Levia grumbled with a sour face as if she swallowed a bitter bug.


“That Desastre and I are……important pieces for the sake of achieving the black robes’ goal……”