Stumbling forward.

Welp, this is the obligatory first post.  I’m more accustomed to creating sites from scratch, so this is the first time I’ve used WordPress in many years, and much has changed.

While I work on getting up to speed on this site, the purpose is clear and concise, even if it looks a little rough around the edges currently.

First off,  the static index page for  “Blessing from the Goddess and Transfer to Another World! ~No Thanks, I Already Have a Special Ability~” is now up.

While I get the site more presentable,  SPECTERZE will be getting us more translation goodness up on the site when he has time.

On that note,  I’ll come up with a contact form for anyone who wants to contribute as an editor or translator for the current project or suggestions for other novels in the future.    I’ll give some rant about how much I love novels at a later time.