BFTG-NT Chapter 18

Welp,  Specterze has been at it slightly like a madman.  So, we should be getting a few out this weekend.  A little delayed as Editor-chan has the flue, but that shouldn’t hold it up too much, so you can look forward to a few more chapters in the next few days ^.^


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BFTG-NT Extra Chapter 2 Mio’s situation

Here is the final release of this batch, wrapping up V1 of BFTG-NT.  C18 is already in the queue, and it will be pushed out later this week once the regular editor, Torianna, passes it back to me for review.  I’ll aim to compile a temp V1 Epub that will be linked on the index page and announced in a post within the next week or two.


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BFTG-NT Sidestory Chapter 1 Student Council President and the Gourmet

V1 has been translated and we’ll be caught up in 5 more ? I Forget the details, but they’ll keep coming as they have been ^.^  Enjoy!

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