BFTG-NT Chapter 34.5

This one has been sitting around waiting for 34, and given the delay I’ll not delay it further and push it on out for you all.  35 is in the works by one of our editors and will be out in a week or so.  Spec has worked on some more goodness for us and the queue is building up, but this’ll put a nice dent in it.  Lets see if we can catch up with Spec this time :3



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BFTG-NT Chapter 34

Welp,  delayed as seems to be par for the course with this project, Spec says its all his fault, he’s cursed with editors it seems.  This curse is potent, as it has waylaid multiple editors even prior to this project I hear.   All hail Spec and fear his curse !


Seriously tho,  rotten luck in life for our editors, lets wish em the best of luck going forward and welcome the latest victim, I mean editor Jun who helped finish up chapter 34.



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BFTG-NT Chapter 33

Yeah, it’s late.  Editors have life to contend with like anyone else.  While late, it made it out in the end due to the new editor I dragged to the project kicking and screaming as it were.  So, here is the first one edited by Elsten-kun.

Lets all wish Editor-chan a swift recovery,  1 week ill is the pits for sure ~~


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BFTG-NT Chapter 30

Here ya go.  Most real life stuff is out of the way and we should be able to settle into a normal pattern of release till the next life challenge.  Also, there is a new editor joining.  Tho I don’t expect they’ll actually do much currently.  Once they do something I’ll introduce em via the credits.


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