BFTG-NT Chapter 30

Here ya go.  Most real life stuff is out of the way and we should be able to settle into a normal pattern of release till the next life challenge.  Also, there is a new editor joining.  Tho I don’t expect they’ll actually do much currently.  Once they do something I’ll introduce em via the credits.


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BFTG-NT Chapter 29

Ok, so Editor-Chan texted me to let me know she got this one out,  Her mother is out of the hospital and is recovering at home, that e-scooter was going way to fast down the street she had to get out of the way because those scooter are impressively fast,  no word when Editor-chan returns to regular life yet, but two chapters are at her hands after this one.  Random releases in the future \o/


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BFTG-NT CC 1 Adventures of Cloud the slave

Yo,  much delay, here at last.  The next one will be up much quicker,  not sure what’s done past the next chapter atm, I’ll poke at it all and update this weekend I get the chance.


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