STOS Chapter 36

Hello readers! Here is your weekly chapter of Second Summon. I noticed that I translated a line wrong in chapter 31 so I fixed it. The main reason is this chapter though. You’ll notice when you get to the part, probably. I’m kind of bummed that I made the mistake though


Enjoy your read~

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STOS Chapter 35

Hello readers! Here is the weekly chapter of second Summon. Despite the fact I have so many games I’d like to play, I couldn’t get myself to get into any of them and get bored instead. You guys get that too?


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STOS Chapter 33

Hello readers! Also sorry, I got an unexpected visitor yesterday and completely forgot about releasing a chapter after that. But no worries, next days will happen on the same day again, so enjoy your read and look forward to the next chapter!

Edit: By the way, after reading overlord, I felt that heteromorph sounded better for Setsu’s type of sacred sword. Fits even better with the weapon’s description.


Enjoy your read~

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STOS Chapter 28

Hello readers! Another weekly dose of Second summon! And it’s the start of volume 2; the beastmen continent. There is actually a picture of Melua, but I thought that since there’s no detailed description of her yet and Setsu hasn’t seen her, I’ll add the picture at a later chapter. She should appear again somewhere….I think volume 3? And in exchange, two pictures of other characters.

By the way, I don’t have the actual copy of the novels, so I don’t have any pictures besides anything I can find online. I may or may not find every picture there is. Most of these pictures are posted on twitter by some artist @40hara, though most of their media is….suggestive. I may consider buying the books at some point, just for the sake of it. At least if it’s available for me that is.

Another thing is, I’ve decided to change the irregular type sacred sword thing to grotesque type. I think it fits better than irregular when I reread a future chapter, but I’m still not sure.

Either way, enjoy your read~


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