December’s Monthly Short: The Cat and the Dragon

Hello readers! Jun here with a monthly extra translation.

After we reached a target on Patreon two months ago, I’ve decided to translate decently sized single chapter stories every month.It’s to give some love to the short stories.

How this works is that patrons(even $1 patrons) can select one between several stories I find untranslated on syosetu between the end of the first week of the month until the end of the third week of the month. I will then translate the story and release it on Patreon at the end of the third week of the next month, around the time the story selection of the next week ends. And on the end of the fourth week, like right now, I release it to the public.

This will be the first story I’m releasing and I’m already working on the next story. I hope you’ll enjoy these kinds of stories, they’re nice.


Thank you readers and patrons for reading my translation and supporting me. You keep my motivation to translate up and running! Please become a patron if you want to see this continue until the end!

Do tell me if you find anything odd or wrong about my translation, I’ll review and fix if it whenever I can.

Enjoy your read~

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