BFTG-NT Companion Chapter 2-3

Yo,  Here at last.  2 incoming and 4 more in the queue ~~~ Jun just wants a bit more time with 2-5, so it’ll be along some time with chapter 36 at 1-2 weeks after that.  No promises, just that things are always moving forward ~~ ^.^



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BFTG-NT Companion Chapter 2-1

Here ya go,  The start of a 5 part companion story.  Might be a delay on next BFTG-NT release and end up a double release late, depends as 2 of 3 editors are extra busy atm.  We’ll, it’ll come eventually ^.^


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BFTG-NT 1st volume characters

Going to just leave the script here for the time being.  Maybe break em into blocks if they stay.

With that, I almost forgot.  Jun has too  much energy, so he worked on the Index and made a Glossary for BFTG-NT,  links on top menu bar of page.   Also, I may get around to adding a status widget for the releases so ppl dont’ need to poke the comments and I don’t have to spam subscribers emails with msg’s 😉



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BFTG-NT Chapter 35.5

Welp, ED left their own comment, so I’ll leave that bit at that.  More to come shortly, past the V1 Char sheet.  Just need to poke other ED and see what they had ready and the order of release.  So expect that within the next day or so. ^.^


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