BFTG-NT Chapter 49

This chapter is late because me (Elsten) got some vacation time, decided to come back and edit a chapter… then got stupidly sick and missed the deadline completely. Sorry about that… and thank Jun for stabbing me until I got this done 😀

Jun: You’re welcome.

And so, here’s another chapter!

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BFTG-NT Sidestory Chapter 4

Hello everyone! Here’s your bi-weekly chapter of blessings of the goddess! It’s a sidestory chapter starring Jin’s childhood friend! As you all know this one should’ve been released two weeks ago but we switched around for more satisfaction for you readers. It’s still interesting though.

EDIT: Seems like people have trouble remembering who his childhood friend Saki is. I’ll list a few chapters that describes a bit of her:

If you find any typos or anything strange, let us know in the comments and we’ll look at it.

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BFTG-NT Chapter 48

Hello readers! We’re finally here to bring you the next chapter of blessings of the goddess! Due to a little miscommunication, it was put up on tuesday so we didn’t have enough time to edit it all. But here it is either way, two days later. The next chapter will be the delayed sidestory, where we will look at our MC’s childhood friend/Hero, so look forward to it in two weeks. Next will be on time, I assure you.


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BFTG-NT Chapter 47

Good day everyone!

Here’s the next chapter of blessings from the goddess! The next chapter is actually a side story about one of the transfered Heroes(the good ones), but we decided to switch around a bit and do that one after chapter 48! Isn’t that great!?

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BFTG-NT Chapter 46

Heyho readers! Sorry for last week, we kind of accidentally published it when it wasn’t ready yet. But here’s what you all have been waiting for… kind of. The story went a little different from what we expected, but that’s the nice things about stories right? Keeping readers on edge as much as possible is one way to have them want to keep reading.(and possibly rage for whatever reasons) That doesn’t change our translating speed though, chapters are still quite large.

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BFTG-NT Chapter 44

Hello readers, here’s Jun with chapter 44 of blessings! I planned to release this a little later, but I accidentally published it during my editing, so I might as well just go and release it now. Expect some rough edges in the chapter since I’ve edited and cleaned it as quickly as I could.

If you see anything strange, leave it in the comments and we’ll take care of it.

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BFTG-NT Chapter 43.5 Pt. 2

Hello everyone, this is Jun with another chapter of blessings from the goddess! And now we are at the end of our backlog of unedited chapters. If everything goes well, we’ll still keep the two weeks every chapter, but keep in mind that the next chapter could be delayed since the chapter is pretty huge. Look forward to it.

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BFTG-NT Chapter 43

Hello readers! Here’s Jun once again with your bi-weekly chapter of Blessing from the goddess! So we’ve translated the type of slave Jin bought a few chapters ago as pet slave. Now we’re not sure if it’s the correct way to call them this since I’m not sure if there’s an actual name for these types of slaves. They’re pretty much slaves whose purpose is to be pretty and elegant wherever they are and whatever they do and to be admired and cared for. In other words, a decoration in a sense. Or a trophy wife of some sort? But then again, the guy was also selling 5 year olds….

Either way, give your opinion about it.

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