BFTG-NT Chapter 42


Hello readers! Here we are with another chapter of blessings from the goddess! Apparently some people consider the chapter title a spoiler, so I’ve put it all the way to the bottom of the chapter. I myself don’t think it’s spoilerish at all, neither any of the past chapter titles. But I guess some people are more sensitive towards it than others.


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BFTG-NT Chapter 41


Hello Readers! This is Jun with another chapter of blessings from the goddess! First of all, I’ve made some slight changes in chapter 37 and 38 namely Cynthia’s lines. Cynthia usually ends her sentences with -nanodesu or -nodesu. At first I wasn’t bothered when it wasn’t added in the translation, but now that I read and TLCed this and the next chapter, I see it’s part of a reference of someone(you know who). Either way, it’s been added to all of her lines that has it. Also, fixing lots of translation errors while doing my own translation is lots of work. Anybody want to help out? Join our discord!


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BFTG-NT Chapter 40.5


Good day readers, Jun here with chapter 40.5 of blessings from the goddess. I should’ve released this a few days ago, but I got lazy. Although our translator is back on track again, we’re still looking for translators or at the very least a TLC. With someone to check for translation errors and the like, I could have a breather.

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BFTG-NT Chapter 40

Hello readers! Jun here with another chapter of blessings from the goddess. This one should’ve been released earlier, but we kind of forgot. We have gotten two editors in our midst who will make the editing go faster, like by editing this chapter.

We wil be keeping a chapter every two weeks for now until our translator gets out more chapters. On that note, we’re looking for translators to help SpecterZe in translating this series. Are you learning Japanese and willing to spend some time translating this for free? Come join Scarletmadness! And we shall work you hard like a horse, jk.

Also, ignore the links you find in the text, I’m trying something out and want to see what the bots will do when they copy this text and put it on their site.

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BFGT-NT Chapter 39

Yo, another one for your reading enjoyment is now out.  Rumi has decided to focus on Uni for now as you might already know, thus Jun wrapped this up to get it on out.  Feel free to stop by and poke Jun or myself on discord if you would like to help out with editing this series.



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BFTG-NT Chapter 38

Yo, looks like things may be rolling again on all fronts.  Spec is still dead and TL’ing,  Rumanshi discovered laziness and survived to tell us the tale.  (of course I’m the laziest of us all, imo :p).  A few more left in the queue and more being worked on to add to it.


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BFTG-NT Chapter 37

Hello, this is Jun. Since the christmas and new years period is usually a very busy period for many people, including our new editor Rumanshi, I’ve decided to edit this chapter to make up for the time there was no chapter released. From now on, things should go in a timely fashion.


~~Enjoy the chapter!

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BFTG-NT Chapter 36.5

Rumanshi here.  Yeah, yeah, that guy.  Anyway, I’m now an editor.  You’re probably thinking something along the lines of ‘RAWR WHY LATE’ and I agree.  It’s late.  I had a series of unfortunate events (Roll credits) which lead to this scenario.  I will attempt to make it up to you in the following weeks.


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