STOS Chapter 54

Hello readers! Jun here with your weekly translation of second summon. A few things I like for you all to know. First, some of you may have noticed, but I’m live on patreon!(I keep writing pateron for some reason). I was actually live since monday or something, but I thought I should better announce this when I’m releasing a chapter. It’s somewhat barebones, but I’m planning on giving early access to a few unreleased chapters to those who join up with eventually more things once I think up of some. I’m not entirely sure yet what though. Any ideas? Preferably ideas I can actually manage. I will from now on advertise my patreon site at the bottom of the chapter. Consider joining if you find my translations to be worth the donation.

On a less important note, I’m giving up adding the extra shakespearean version of the chapter. It works, but too lazy. Not to mention people will have problems reading and all that stuff which is imo more problematic than aggregrator sites.

Enjoy your read~

Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 54

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BFTG-NT Chapter 43.5 Pt. 2

Hello everyone, this is Jun with another chapter of blessings from the goddess! And now we are at the end of our backlog of unedited chapters. If everything goes well, we’ll still keep the two weeks every chapter, but keep in mind that the next chapter could be delayed since the chapter is pretty huge. Look forward to it.

~~Enjoy the chapter!

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Hiki-NEET Vol 7 chapter 8


Hello readers! Jun here with a translation of “10 nen goshi no HikiNiito o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta” (When I was going out from my house to stop become a Hiki-NEET after 10 years I was transported to another world).

I saw this one free this thursday with no schedules from anyone so I’ve decided pick this one up for your enjoyment. I managed to finish this one yesterday rather quickly in two days of free time. Unfortunately the next chapter is about twice/thrice as big so I can’t promise a schedule right now. For now it’s going to be a “When I am finished with a chapter” kind of schedule”. I will guarantee you finished chapters in a timely fashion. Translation is serious business to me. Do comment if there’s anything off of my translation or comment about whatever.

A title page and table of content will soon follow. Please be patient with this.

Enjoy your read~


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STOS Chapter 53


Hello readers! Jun here with your weekly translation of second summon. I’ve decided to put a copy of the chapter in a separate page for those who use iPad’s offline reader mode and such. You can find it on the link right at the end of this bit of comment of mine. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier. Next is I’ve decided to pick up a new novel that I think should be doable within my spare time, which is:
When I was going out of my house to stop my 10 years of being a hiki-NEET, I was transported to another world.

I think I should be able to handle this one, but not sure about a schedule yet. Going to translate a chapter or two to see how much I can manage without overworking myself. I had a few more titles in mind but I’ve decided on this one. May get a chapter out in a week.


Enjoy your read~

Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 53: reader friendly page

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STOS Chapter 52


Hello readers! Jun here with your weekly translation of second summon. I just noticed the name of the character Brad could actually be Vlad or something. I mean, I see a lot of his abilities are related to blood. What do you say, should I change this one? Both are written exactly the same in japanese.

Enjoy your read~

Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 52

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