BFTG-NT Chapter 43

Hello readers! Here’s Jun once again with your bi-weekly chapter of Blessing from the goddess! So we’ve translated the type of slave Jin bought a few chapters ago as pet slave. Now we’re not sure if it’s the correct way to call them this since I’m not sure if there’s an actual name for these types of slaves. They’re pretty much slaves whose purpose is to be pretty and elegant wherever they are and whatever they do and to be admired and cared for. In other words, a decoration in a sense. Or a trophy wife of some sort? But then again, the guy was also selling 5 year olds….

Either way, give your opinion about it.

~~Enjoy the chapter!

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STOS Chapter 49


Hello readers! Jun here with your weekly chapter of Second summon. Guess what I got? The whole five volumes of Second summon! Now I have more pictures to show you all. It doesn’t mean I’ll be keeping it up indefinitely, if the author or publisher wants them removed then I will. Until then I’ll put it up whenever applicable along with links to the book on Buy them like I did to support the author! It costs a total of 50 euro’s for me(with over half of it being delivery cost and import taxes, sigh). Here’s the link if you already can’t wait for it. It also has some extra story in each book, though I’m not sure if I’m going to translate them.

The scans won’t be in very good quality though, don’t want to spend more time and money getting better quality scanner or *gasp* cut the book just for scanning the images. They’re…good enough.

I’ll put up my first image in this chapter, the rest will follow eventually.

Also I’ve decided to keep honorifics on names when japanese people are speaking towards each other. I only change it to something more fitting when non-japanese speaks or are addressed for obvious reasons.

Enjoy your read~

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STOS Chapter 48


Hello readers! Jun here with your weekly chapter of Second summon. I’m somewhat late-ish, but still early enough. DId you know I prefer 3rd person narration? It’s because I have more options on the writing style that way. 1st person needs you to keep in mind the narrator’s personality, which limits how many fancy words I can use etc.


By the way, I changed Grein’s name to Glain and Eruka to Elka. Names makes more sense this way I think.

Enjoy your read~

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