BFTG-NT Sidestory Chapter 2

Welp,  with this we have nothing in queue atm, tho I expect there will be no less than 1 new chapter per week.  There have been a lot of releases lately, but that’s not likely to always be the case.   We’ll keep em coming so expect at least one a week would be my expectation with extra chapters when the gods grant them.   Past that, The editor asked me to queue up some of the old chapters, 1-11.  If she’s going to go ahead and start on those in her spare time, I may just put off making an epub so I don’t have to do it twice.


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BFTG-NT Chapter 18

Welp,  Specterze has been at it slightly like a madman.  So, we should be getting a few out this weekend.  A little delayed as Editor-chan has the flue, but that shouldn’t hold it up too much, so you can look forward to a few more chapters in the next few days ^.^


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